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Silver Apples... how are we different?



All Silver Apples items are classic in design. I take old school patterns, maybe 50 years old and just add a little tweak or a twist to make it a bit quirky. For example I add secret pockets to keep tiny toys or sweeties handy for later. I believe that dresses made in the ‘olden days’ were perfect… The design was beautiful and simple, yet comfortable and practical. They didn’t restrict the wee one from playing as hard as they want to!!




The Silver Apples Pinafore

I made the pinafores because they were really unique. They can be worn with nothing underneath, or a T shirt, a long sleeved top or even a polo neck and you get a completely different look! I also found that they were really practical. They are comfortable and loose so you can do just about anything in one! On top of all of that, they are reversible meaning that you are getting two dresses in one. So if you spill something you can flip it over and be perfectly clean on the other side!




The Silver Apples Waistcoat

I found a sewing pattern for a boy's waistcoat from the 1940s and had my eureka moment. I had been sourcing all kids of different quirky fabrics for the pinafores so I decided to add a quirky back to the waistcoat. Finn loves trains so I went and found a fabric with a vintage trains print. Instead of the usual silk fabric on waistcoats, I added the train fabric to the back of the waistcoat. From the front the waistcoat is the classic waistcoat but one look at the back and both kids AND adults say 'wow'. And you know the best bit... i've had some girls buy the waistcoats because they also love cars or guitars or a special theme!!


More to come

Watch out for our linen collection or our WB Yeats collection featuring our own Silver Apples textiles and woollen items! We have lots of unique yet classic items in the design studio, so sign up for our emails to be the first to know what’s coming next!